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fromtoday said: That’s fantastic! Fingers crossed for you getting in!

Thank you so much! I’m just dazed from actually signing up for myself, god only knows what I’ll be like if I get in XD If I come into work looking stunned you’ll know why.

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odd-dino said: That’s great!!! I’ve considered getting a table for a few years now, but I never feel prepared…

I’m trying to not get my hopes up cause it’s really early days but…I may have…made a list of things I’d like to get done with enough time for printing. Maybe. Not that I’m excited or anything. Nope!

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Thought Bubble 2014

So I’ve just signed up for my first convention. Dunno if I’m getting in or not, but need to work like I will!

I have no idea how to feel at the moment but kind of excited? Even if I don’t manage to get a table straight away, reservations mean I still have a chance!

I’m going to try to keep things super simple, with the majority of my ‘stock’ finished and ready to print early August.

Gah, I don’t know what to plan next other then maybe some livestreams since I managed to figure it out! And in the meantime draw, draw, draw.

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odd-dino said: True Detectives talks about the king in yellow?? I thought it was just a crime thriller, does it have horror aspects?? (if so I may have to watch it…) Also, that drawing you link to is pretty god damn fantastic!

Okay it’s really hard to describe XD I want to say no, but it has aspects which kind of wander that horror road. There’s some pretty dark parts. I really like it for it’s investigative aspects but it is like watching a train wreck for all the rest.

People say to read the King in Yellow in order to understand the refrence, more then the actual involvement of any such character in the show? But, I haven’t seen it to its end yet, sooo who knows XD

It is an unsettling thing among a lot of unsettling elements, but I can’t stop watching.

I don’t think there’s any spoilers in there but I’ll tag it anyway.

Oh! And thank you! I really enjoyed drawing that one XD I should colour it

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